About Me

About me

Hi! My name is Elizabeth and I trained to become a doula with Motherwit. I serve the Ottawa and Leeds, Grenville & Lanark area.

My passion for birth and desire for everyone to be able to have the most positive experience possible throughout their pregnancy, birth and welcoming baby home began when I went through my own experience with my daughter.

There is so much information and many choices involved with childbirth that having a doula to help you learn about your options and to help you obtain these can alleviate potential stress and to leave space to enjoy and relax into your experience.

Everybody is different and has different desires and needs. My hope is to help you in the way you need and for you to feel that you can make the choices you want and need without feeling pressure or judgement in your choices.

When I am not busy caring for new moms or my family, you can find me playing my violin, reading, biking or hiking in the woods.